Sunday, 27 March 2011


See D this is what happens when I DON'T get a puppy for Christmas, I start wanting stupider and stupider breeds!
Farewell desire for a King Charles Cavalier, I now wants me a toy poodle. I will call her fi-fi and she will be mine :D

Last night we watched our French TV channel - just to prove we could understand it (we are having language wars of who can speak the most languages), and 'Grand Cabaret du Monde 2011' was on. It's similar to our Royal Variety performance but way cooler as it was one big fancy circus.
My favourite act were the six dancing poodles, they were AWESOME particularly the baby poodle who was trying to copy it's mum and dad. I tried hard to find video footage of the poodles to share with you but I can't find anything on-line. If you have better search methods than me the performers were "Duo Emelin : Dressage de caniches"
The adult poodles were not so sweet (I DO NOT like the shaven poodle) but the two baby poodles were adorable.
I want one.
D was cringing and trying to turn the channel over as my "Awwwwwwwwww's" went high-pitched and my eyes turned to large watery circles of greed and wanting-ness.
I cannot tell you just how cute they were (which was mega-cute), poodles dancing with other poodles, poodles in a conga-line, poodles jumping over other poodles. It was brilliant.

So since I can't find the terrific video, I shall share with you the back-flipping poodle - also awesome.


  1. True story- my mother had a poodle named Ralph and it was one of the best dogs ever. The secret is not to treat them like a foofoo dog.

  2. Too...much...cute... can't... breathe...

  3. Yeah I couldn't do the whole putting bows in their hair trick but I could so have my a toy poodle dog :)

  4. When's your birthday? Maybe then you'll get a puppy present.

  5. Every household needs a conga-line, and let's face it, the cats just aren't interested in learning to dance. It's obvious you NEED a poodle.