Monday, 14 March 2011

The Science of Couples

Now this may be one of those "Mind Body, Spirit" posts, fondly known by me as "Modern Bull-Shit" but do couples who have been together a long time have a way of pushing thoughts into each other's minds?

For example today at 15:05 I was hanging the washing out when I had the strangest urge to ring D, he just all of a sudden popped into my mind and I couldn't get him out again. So when I got back inside I tried to continue my work but kept feeling like I should call D or something. At any rate I decided I didn't have anything to say to him other than "Hi" so I should just let him work in peace and get back to work myself.
At 15:12 D rang me. Just to say hi and to tell me he's feeling poorly, but I couldn't help but wonder if;

a) D had been thinking "I'll ring Holly when I get back upstairs to my office" and that the feeling filtered though the ether to me so I began to feel like I should be speaking to D myself.
b) Maybe I popped into his head as he had mine (randomly) so he decided to call me
c) Maybe at 3pm we both have been apart for "so long" we want to talk

I find it odd. Now it does sound like a one-off but over the years we've had a startling knowledge of when the other needs help. When we were dating D left my house at midnight and biked home, about 5 minutes later I got this horrible feeling he needed me, I rang him to find he'd just been in an attempted mugging and then the guys had then chased him in their car as he peddled furiously home. There are several varieties of events but I won't bore you with them.

Now D and I are both interested in the science of the mind, and after one too many sci-fi films documentaries, we both speculated what the other parts of the un-used brain could have been used for. Our favourite and most agreed idea was that of telepathy, maybe way-back-when speech wasn't so necessary since you could just speak directly mind-to-mind, perhaps mainly through stance and body-language or perhaps through thought.
Let's just say we have trialled many fun experiments to see if that is the case.
One of which involves holding the word, image, number or shape of something in your mind and letting the other say what it is - and we don't narrow down the options to make it easy as long as it's real it can be used.
We have discovered that D is better at sending an image and I am better and sending the word itself. And while it doesn't work every time (the longer we test the less we get it right) and it does make both our heads hurt a lot if we do it too long, our success rate is quite shocking.
So ends the crazed ramblings of myself after what has felt like a very surreal and crazed weekend. Thoughts are welcome, but please leave all strait-jackets by the door.


  1. I absolutely believe that you can sense strong feelings of your loved ones. I've never tried the sending an image/word game, but it'll be interesting to try it out! Thanks for the idea! [pssst, do we get to drink wine during this experiment?]

    Wait, you can watch too many sci-fi films? Since when?

  2. Since I think V is cool and D thinks it is terrible. For sending the image we found the more sober the better but you can each only have 3 attempts before the headaches rage, we found we could get no 1 sort-of right no. 2 right and no. 3 miles off and our heads hurt so we put it down to being too hard.

  3. I totally agree -- it's the same way when the phone rings, I know when it's Chuckweasel or Dear Sweet Mama. But honestly, I hope the mind-reading thing doesn't work ALL the time... 'cause sometimes I'm calling him a dirty name in my head.

  4. I really hope it does work then, you'll know if he gets all puppy dog eyed

  5. For the record, V IS cool.
    *sticks tongue out at D*

  6. AHA! SEE!! I have only 2 episodes left to watch and it's very exciting :) Then we can move onto caprica and re-watching all of battle star galactica