Friday, 4 March 2011

Incy wincy creepy crawly spider in the bath, you know he's only there because he wants to have a laugh...

The events of last night;
I am getting ready for my bath (supervised by Kitalpha) when I see her darting around the hallway, thinking she's just playing with a toy, I bend to see what she's trapped in the doorway...
Kitalpha isn't trying to kill the spider she just keeps putting her paw on it then letting it go, then putting her paw on it, this spider is the size of my clenched fist and Kitalpha was shepherding it TOWARDS ME!!!! Every time I tried to move somewhere safe she'd re-direct the spider back toward me.
I started screaming; "KILL IT KITALPHA KILL IT!" But Kitalpha didn't seem to know what I meant as she was now driving the spider towards me again and my precarious position trapped beside the bath. This is when I realised I had to get help from the professionals;

I then jumped into the bath - fully clothed - to get away from the spider.

D came up the stairs in hysterics having heard my screams at Kitalpha and having deduced it was a "spider-related incident" he then struggled to do anything but hold himself and laugh finding me stood fully clothed in the full bath.
Eventually and with, let me say, no help from Kitalpha and plenty of my high-pitched screams, D coaxed the spider out from under the cupboard it had retreated to and proceeded to use the toilet brush to squash it into oblivion.

And you know what he said to me when he left?
"If you hadn't have been screaming you wouldn't have scared Kitalpha and she would have killed the spider"
WELL if she hadn't been trying to BRING-IT-TO-ME I wouldn't have been screaming. Clearly we need to start spider training with them again.


  1. Unfortunately, I tend to be the capturer-and-or-killer of insects at Casa de HoodyHoo... because Callie Jean can't (poor cross-eyed lil' thing) and Chuckweasel won't. It's a great deal of fun to see me screaming and leaping about, while still trying to carry out my mission!

  2. Spiders...I hate those little buggers.

    My cat does a similar thing with mice. She sits on it, and then lets it go.

  3. Mine shake mice and release but they do kill them, but I'm not squeemish about mice, it's just spiders. You'd think one kitty pounce would at least sever a leg but no such luck.

  4. I am fortunate not to have a problem with spiders. Because wolf spiders? They'll grab Kitten Thunder's paws. So then the cat is freaking out because there's a spider stuck to their foot (just like scotch tape) and running/flopping to The Girl to save them.