Friday, 18 March 2011

Crisp Kingdom

After my doctor visit I had wallowed into some depression, depression which could only be cured by CRISP SANDWICHES.
The more I realised we had NO crisps or BREAD in the house the more frantic my demands for Crisp Sandwiches became. Eventually I managed to force D through constant whining to go buy some crisps. And by that point I had gone to crazy new heights and demands. I now wanted a multitude of Crisp flavours so I could combine them and figure out the truly great crisp sandwich.
You may think I'm crazy but I felt blue and I wanted to do something cheap, fun and gluttonous to make myself feel better, since I'm off the plonk.
(I have fatally discovered that the plonk has better pain-relief capabilities than the pills I was prescribed and have since been drunk daily overindulging)

D humoured me as I marched around the store picking up bread, butter and six varieties of crisps as well as some chocolate and chewy sweets as an aperitif.

(I have a picture but it won't bluetooth and D's still in bed so I can't get him to fix it for me)

I have discovered through large amounts of trial and error; Prawn Cocktail Crisps sandwiches are NASTY, that Cheese Disco's are better than standard cheese crisps. Wotsits are a die hard favourite but BACON FRAZZLES ARE AWESOME! They make EVERYTHING taste better, except prawn cocktail, I wasn't going to waste a frazzle on some icky prawn cocktail.
Let me add that D suggested the prawn cocktail flavour and then refused to eat it..sassmfassm..

If you don't know how to make a crisp sandwich but would like to try one this guy has made a funny step-buy-step instruction, he adds cheese and tomato ketchup - I really don't cause what's the point of a crisp sandwich if you soak it in stench sauce before you eat it? How can you appreciate the crisp subtlety's that way? So give it a try, but just leave out the cheese and the ketchup k.

Best Crisp Sandwich: Bacon Frazzles with Cheese Disco's and a sprinkling of wotsits :)


  1. Why would you even buy the prawn cocktail ones in the first place -- GROSS. And if D is going to suggest disgusting flavors, he should be forced to either eat them or fashion them into a craft.

  2. Exactly I got them because he suggested them then he turned his nose up at the suggestion of them, I was like WTF no you can't have a frazzles on yours you can have prawn!

  3. Best Crisp Sandwich: Bacon Frazzles with Cheese Disco's and a sprinkling of wotsits :)

    I don't eat bacon [I know, I'm strange], I don't know what cheese discos are [I'm picturing a disco ball made out of cheese, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how it's flashing multi-colored lights], nor am I sure what a wotsits is [um, um, peanut M&Ms?], but dang it, now I want one.