Thursday, 17 March 2011

Doctor Update

Just a quick update as after waiting for two hours in the waiting room I've been poked, prodded, made to wince and now feel quite sick.
My doctor had this time remembered what job I do (is that in my file?) and that my gallbladder has gone, but still felt the need to ask me if I had my spleen (well yes, I do, did you not notice that fact while you were poking my stomach?!?)
I have possible appendicitis or an ovarian cyst...funny they said that 6 and 8 months ago yet all my tests kept coming back clear...
At any rate in the next 6 weeks I am getting another ultrasound and then back to see him for another consultation. Hopefully these ones will show something constructive (but not deadly), I am SICK of being in constant discomfort!

Happy St Patricks Day!


  1. okay, bright side... hmmm... Got it! At leat your spleen must be healthy because if it was all inflamed the doc would have noticed you still had it! And my best diagnosis ever was "misplaced urethra" -- which resulted in me spending a lot of time with the hand mirror!