Thursday, 10 March 2011

She's making her list, checking it twice,

Some of you may be aware of my '100 things to do before I reach 100' which are currently just 37 things but that's just because I'm all undecided and stuff.
Well it would appear that the cosmos is about to give me a helping hand in regards to achieving some of my most sort-after goals.
D received this from work;

It's a frikkin' masquerade ball, just like the one I dreamed of as a kid waltzing round my bedroom! D has gently informed his co-worker that I want to go too and by gently I mean he just told her I was too excited for him to calm down so I'm coming with him and he'll wait outside if there aren't enough seats.
I've already brought us some velvet masks which we can decorate ourselves (cause then we will be completely awesome) and all I need to do now is find out what I should wear so I can decorate my mask in the right colours - I'm totally psyched!

I was surfing my emails yesterday when the on-line news informed me that Northern lights are going to be visible over UK skies throughout the next 12 months!

Woo-hoo and if I haven't seen them by February 2012 I can hop along to Scotland for a weekend and see them then before the earth shifts or it rains, aliens invade or whatever the reason for it disappearing in March is.
That's another date to mark on my calendar so I can knock them off my list.
I have also just received into my grubby little hands a copy of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' so now I can accomplish that too!

It's totally brilliant! At this rate an Elephant will move in next door and give me a puppy, which teaches me to drive. So we go on a road-trip to Las Vegas but lose all our money gambling and are forced to make patchwork quilts for all the hotel rooms and bake Christmas cakes before they ship us to New Zealand where I get my palamino just for turning up, I go for a hack, catch a fish, play the guitar for hand-outs and finally return home to my bathfull of pic-n-mix. Oh yes, it's all happening now


  1. I am very happy for you! Be sure to take plenty of pics of those skies!

    I really think you need a puppy. And I'm usually right.

  2. It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius - Age of Aquarius - all things are coming to pass!!