Thursday, 24 March 2011

Monkey see, monkey DO-H!

So, the other day I was being served at the post office when it was discovered that a previous customer had left their bank card in the chip-n-pin machine. I had one of those holier-than-thou "pfft what an idiot" thoughts, handed it in and went on my way.

Today I have left MY card in the chip-n-pin machine in the book store in town. I blame this completely on how the guy serving me made me move counters, which caused me to trip over the shopping basket stack and being handed some books by my dad so I had my hands full (but not in a I-just-got-my-card-back full way) We then meandered on home.

It's a mere four hours later and I've only just realised my error. Unfortunately the store is closed now for the night so I had to make a 'Sophie's choice' decision to either have good faith ring up tomorrow and hope someone handed it in, or cancel my card now (so no-one can use it - did I mention it's my business account chock full o'cash) and wait the 3-5 days it takes to get a new one.

I chose cancelling it. I know my town, it won't be a sweet old lady who picked it up and handed it in, no with ym karmic luck it'll be a drugged up whore buying "Grow your own drugs" books, desperate for her last fix...
I did check with the operator however, when cancelling it, that it wouldn't effect my on-line dominos pizza order.


  1. Checked with Domino's first -- that's my girl, keeping those priorities straight! And for you information, there's a "Grow Your Own Drugs" book CLUB, so those girls don't have to go to the bookstore!

  2. P.S. My captcha for the last comment was "hershag." Clearly they know you're British.

  3. I was amazed at my lack of worry and stress I was just like "oh well, tum te tum best cancel it then. Lol

  4. Isn't that an awful feeling?!


  5. I did have a total, "gawd no I'm a fool" moment or two...I miss my bank card! I want to shoppe!