Friday, 21 January 2011

Cat Assassins

Death has visited my garden

This Death was caused by one of my girl cats since both were in the vicinity at the time of murder. I'm pretty certain Kitalpha killed it as she has brought many a live animal home in the past, Evie's "innocence" however has me suspicious.
Evie came in straight away when I called her and she had been sat near the dead Ms. Blackbird.
Kitalpha though seemed surprised by Ms. Blackbird's appearance (but Kit is quite forgetful) and was drawn by her curiosity of "what is this thing?" going from moving one step toward me and then taking one back towards the birdie...salivating. All this caused me to be hopping up and down on my doorstep with next doors dog barking as I screamed "Don't you FUCKING DARE bring that in here! KITALPHA, don't you DARE! You put that BACK! KITALPHA you get in here RIGHT now, don't you give me that look...KITALPHA!"
What was so freakish is how the bird appeared to be STUFFED holding its "I'm sat on a nest" pose so perfectly I had to use stick science to check it wasn't actually sleeping at my door.
I then balanced it on a spade and popped it on the top of my bin ready for disposal when I realised D was never gonna believe how it looked and that I needed some form of documentation.

Unfortunately as I returned to the murder scene with my camera, next door's family was now stood outside chatting. As I snapped a quick picture of Ms. Blackbird I suddenly realised how incredibly crazy I looked (all conversation had stopped and they were all staring at me). I threw them a quick " cats went hunting?" I shoved the bird into the bin and ran back into the house in my pjs before they could call the RSPCA or something.
My neighbours are Polish, maybe they think photographing dead animals is an English custom? I hope so, but not so much I want taxidermied wildlife for Christmas *shudder*.


  1. The good news is, those neighbors will NEVER ask you to have them over for dinner... how's the teef, BTW?

  2. ugh don't ask I cannot tell if it's going away or just making a big comeback the next day. I get them looked at again on Tuesday, hopefully she'll give me good news then.