Saturday, 8 January 2011

Pwned x Infinity

So I've been kicking ass on Halo Reach and by kicking ass I mean sucking more than a sucker on an octopus. The games that involve capturing flags or keeping areas in a team I rock at, but the hardcore one-on-one stuff where it's just every man for himself I'm pretty much bullet fodder. Some days I just stand myself against the wall and let them riddle me with bullets.

But today, TODAY I rocked!
I've had a theory that maybe I wasn't terrible, maybe it was the colour I'd chosen for my guy (stop laughing) maybe his red uniform was the equivalent of waving a red flag in front of a bull.
So when I was pwned by a guy in a spiffy yellow and gold ensemble I swapped my uniform to match him.
I got pwned even more so figured day-glo colours were probably a no-no.
I tried a nice deep green to blend in with the forestry and of course the game loaded me up on a stone covered level so I was pwned again.
Feeling fed up I relented and turned myself into a bright purple and pink character that screamed "I'm a Girl"
And suddenly I became the PWNER!
I'm sure that psychologically all the little boys and 5yr old men are "unable" to pull the trigger fast enough when faced with 'a girl' because I managed to go on a complete killing spree, get a trophy, achievement and get the second highest score.
I was so excited I tried to call D at work so I could brag, but then realised his boss probably wouldn't think my phone call was so awesome and important so I hung-up.

Beware of the purple one


  1. First of all, two gold shiny stars for the random octopus reference! I love me some octopi!

    Secondly, two more gold shiny stars for kicking some boy butt AND being so smartly dressed. Nothing screams "I will pwn you" like pink and purple! You just know the guys were trembling because of your awesomeness.

    Pffft, D's boss probably plays too. In fact, I'm betting he was the guy in yellow and gold. Tell D to check on my theory, will you? *grins evilly*

  2. I most certainly will and I must admit the Octopi comment was inspired by your socks :)