Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Crime Traveller

When I was a child, 'Crime Traveller' ran for two series on Saturday night TV and I LOVED it, not just because the female lead was called : HOLLY!!!!! But also because it was that science/drama/action type show that I was into, and the female lead was smart and sassy.
My friend Tom and I spent our summer playing 'Crime Traveller' in my back garden running around trying to save the world. *happy sigh* It even inspired me to take up quantum physics and caused me to be sat in a meeting room with several old science professors, debating quantum theory, and holding my own in the conversation, while aged 10. When the show was cancelled (apparently Tom and I were the ONLY viewers) we were gutted and we still speak of it fondly. (I still have the letter Tom wrote to me age 7 suggesting we build a time machine too and call it Crimey)

Earlier this month Amazon gave me a late Christmas Present, In the "things you might be interested in" category were lists of £5 DvD boxsets, and CRIME TRAVELLER was one of them. I mean OMG it's taken off the air and then WHAM it's released on DVD? DVD's didn't even exist back then (unless they travelled back in time, invented the dvd, recorded it on dvd and then brought it back to the future?) So of course I ran straight to Tom's FB page and spammed him with the DvD over and over our conversation went a little like this;


Tom: Haha I had forgotten all about this. As if it got a dvd release!!

ME: I know! I have ordered a copy cause im a big ol' geek!!!
(when actually I had skipped round the house cheering while ordering multiple copies from sheer excitement every time I passed the laptop)

Despite telling me it would take a month for delivery, they arrived in the post today. (yay)

D has never seen nor heard of Crimetraveller so tonight when he gets home I can force share the experience on with him. I CANNOT WAIT!
There is a little voice in the back of my mind that reminds me I was about eight when I last saw this show and how perhaps there was a very good reason why it was cancelled and that my tiny childlike mind couldn't comprehend it at the time.
Nah - I'm sure it's gonna be totally awesome!


When ordering the DVD I remembered the story of Tom and my "James Bond adventures" that had D in stitches so I thought I'd share it;
When we were 10 we were playing James Bond in his bedroom, there was a giant wall map above his bed and we were doing the "mission info" before we could go downstairs and destroy his little brother.
We decided after the mission brief it was late and the jet would leave in the morning so we should go to bed and pretend to sleep for 5 minutes and then magically arrive at our destination.

This would be about the time my mum came upstairs. We informed her we were playing James Bond....she looked at us in the bed....and freaked out. We were yelled at, we were told off and neither of us understood why. It was only when telling D the story that I realised, when we said we were playing James Bond....and we were in bed...what James bond used to do when he went to bed with a lady had our parents freaking out. (I really hadn't cottoned on until now - I'm so naive)
We were innocent little children and we were just playing a harmless game (neither of us had been given "the talk yet") but needless to say Tom and I had to play downstairs from then on - but that was fine, we just built a time machine out of a rotary washing line and some junk that we stole from the house so we were pretty happy. Would have been happier if it had actually worked mind.


  1. I used to make the little girls down the street play "V" with me -- yes, the show about the lizard people coming to kill us from outer space. Their roles pretty much consisted of being dead and laying in the snow which was my "freezer" because who wants room-temperature possibly-spoiled human to eat? They probably got all sorts of frostbite from me making them lay in the snow, but hey, I WAS the oldest!

  2. So have you watched the DVDs and is the show as good as you remembered? I found I was always disappointed when I watched some show I thought was the bomb when I was a kid.

  3. Well episode one was a bit on the poor 'shaky set' side but otherwise I still freaking love it, I also confessed to D I used to cut out the episodes from the tv guide and put them in a scrapbook, he just gave me "the look" that says he's looking up mental hospital addresses.