Thursday, 6 January 2011

Clinging to Christmas by my fingernails..

Along with caffeine withdrawal I'm also having Christmas withdrawal too. I have all these new computer games to play, I've had loads of late nights with D, it's been utterly brilliant and suddenly WHAM! We're back up supposedly at 5am (even though we didn't go to sleep until 2am) and working with no time for anything fun while feeling like the living dead.
It's not fair, I want to play some more, I want to have midnight movie marathons, I want D to be off work forever (minus the lack of wages that would bring.)
So today I'm curled up by my trees twinkling lights determinedly trying to cram as much gaming and movie watching into the next 18 hours before Christmas officially ends.

Which means I have to solve all the crimes on CSI fatal conspiracy, watch the three movies we were given yesterday, and beat down some people through Halo-Reach on-line, all before bedtime: If you have an Xbox feel free to join me on Xbox Live

Of course I am filled with the continuous guilt that I shouldn't be playing or watching TV so nothing is really enjoyable any more. I have promised myself I can watch "bridge to Teribithia" on-demand as long as I get my accounts and paperwork done first....yeah so erm...anyone got a copy they can post me so I don't have to do my accounts and paperwork...*looks hopeful*
Didn't think so....


  1. I am so glad I am not a gamer. I would be homeless by now from calling in sick all the time at work.

  2. Oh heck yeah although I tend to find I don't have time to play games, they take too much energy after working and then I go and get hooked again on my day off which is why I'm trying to do so much before I go back to working full-time on Monday.

    I can't believe you're not a big gamer, what with all those zombie shooting games that are out there, get in some target practise!

  3. Ok, I was going to add to your guilt trip [mainly because I'm insanely jealous], but then you went and said you don't have to work until Monday. That means you should be working the controller until you get blisters on your thumb!

    Think of yourself as a gamer superhero ... you're home playing games for those of us stuck at work! We should buy you a cape! That way you'll be a properly dressed superhero snuggled up next to a Christmas tree.

  4. Yay a cape! Sadly most of my remaining time off has been spent (working - how does this happen???) or cleaning the house. I hope to at least get the weekend to myself for my own fun.