Saturday, 15 January 2011

Why D is such a Zombie Fear Monger

There is this new advert on TV about a kids magazine where you get an icky bug set in a plastic block and you can study it and learn about it and all that disgusting stuff, Issue 1 is a scorpion.

EWW so what this is going to be in SHOPS where I buy my FOOD?

and here is the conversation said advert provoked;

ME: The bugs are plastic though right?
D: No, they're set in plastic.
ME: So it's a real scorpion?
D: Yup
ME: But what if it...ya know..gets out?
D: It's dead
ME: But what if it re-animates?
D: I don't know many re-animating scorpions
D: But if it does re-animate then that would make it a Zombie scorpion, and then we're all fucked.


  1. Just cut off it's head!

  2. You want me to get Close to the thing?!