Monday, 24 January 2011

Moonlight Horror

So there's this old show from 2008 doing re-runs on my free telly shows channel called Moonlight. (it's a complicated cable package D signed us up for but I do know it allows me to watch at least 8 hours of new box-sets a day while working at my laptop)
It's some vampy detective magical powers thing and I can't decide if it's awesome or I hate it.
For one it seems to have two actors playing the lead, either that or the lighting is very weird he'll be kinda cute n sexy and then wham ugly freaky geeky guy with bad hair. I can't figure it out.
It seems to be a gorier version of the 'Angel' show but with CSI elements. (this is both good and bad)
It's also darned confusing I mean he's a vampire has super hearing, movement, smell, can see THE FUTURE -wha? and the past yet isn't affected by sunlight (other than sporting really bad sunglasses) or apparently anything else.
Each episode is 1 hour long so there are 48 hours of fun just stored in that Tv set (good thing)
I know writers of vampire shows and books get to re-write the vampire code to suit them, but each time I watch or read something new it scrambles my head again it's about time they all started agreeing on a little more than the name "vampire".
(If you care what I'm reading atmo it's 'A Fistful of Charms' and yes it has vampires in it and witches and pixies and it's dark and evil and brilliant)

I've also been watching alot of the horror channel recently too since I decided I was brave and fearless. Last night I settled down to watch Stephen Kings Salems lot;

D: Why is the horror channel on?
Me: We're gong to watch Salem's lot
D: I don't want to
Me: Yes you do
D: But it'll be scary and you'll hate it
Me: Nah it's a book, they can't make books scarier on film. I want to read the book, I don't have time, the film is on ergo we are watching it... I think it's about vampires...or maybe that's pet semetary, we're watching that too!

*thirty minutes passes*

Me: Do you know the story of salems lot?
D: Nope
Me: Me either...but I don't think this is it

*five minutes pass*

Me: Are we watching house on haunted hill?
D: Why?
Me: Because they keep talking about going to a house on a hill that's haunted
D: No idea
Me: Is house on haunted hill scary?
D: No
Me: Holly not sleep at night scary?
D: Maybe
Me: Your not going on any trips any time in the next month are you?
D: No?
Me:We can keep watching

*five more minutes pass*

Me: D why is that ladies head made of play-do....OH GOD ... DON'T PUT YOUR EYE TO THE WALL NO IT'LL TAKE YOUR EYE...*cover my eyes* TELL ME WHEN IT ENDS!!!!

D: Now they are ripping his stomach open....and pulling his stomch out... and ripping his heart out as he's screaming.... they're pulling his flesh off .....and now they are dragging him through the three inch gap in the wall while he's bleeding and's over

Me: turn off tv.. must turn off tv.... must put on care bears... *fumbling for the megatron*

Turns out while the film advertised was "Salems Lot" and the synopsis on the tv was for "Salem's Lot" and when asked the tv told us we were watching Salem's Lot what was actually aired was "Return to the House on Haunted Hill"

Gee thanks Horror Channel you guys are swell.


  1. I love Salem's Lot.

    We need a Horror Channel here.

  2. I think the channel needs a pin to get on it, there should be NO WAY for me to get free access to 24hour horror.
    I haven't read or seen it yet, I have the book I must find the time!

  3. My boyfriend is gone, but I've been unable to give up my horror movies. So I watch them at lunch time.

  4. I've tried daylight viewing and I'm all fine until night falls, I'm lying in bed and my brain re-plays the movie for me...over and over