Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I leave for the dentist in 1 hour.

So far I have woken up - started to fret - put my alarm on for half an hour later - gone back to sleep....
DRIIIIIIING - turn alarm off, wake up, start fretting, put alarm on again for in half and hour....go back to sleep... (this continued for three hours)

I now only have 1 hour until I go, I still need to take a shower, pack some orders to drop at the post office and actually pluck up the courage to leave.....and I seem to have been absorbed by the sofa and can't move.

I'm scared all right ya'll I'm totally terrified that it's going to hurt, or I'm going to throw up, or she'll tell me all my teeth have to come out, or I'll start crying and embarrass myself and that it'll cost more money than they said it would (which will probably be the trigger to the crying).....

Guess I'd best go get in the shower and then brush my teeth for the next 45 minutes....that should hide the clues that I ate a candy bar for breakfast, right?


  1. I'll be thinking good dental thoughts at you today... hang in there and ask for extra drugs!

  2. *holding a good thought for you*
    Oh heck, I'll hold lots of good thoughts for you!

    Hope it went well!