Sunday, 2 January 2011

Nappy Yew Hear Eveyrone *hic*

For Christmas D brought me a Hyperpen 6000u. Because he thought it would be a good blogging gift and it will allow me to draw and write, freehand.
The only thing he seemed to have forgotten is that I don't have ANY artistic talent when it comes to drawing what-so-ever and so this is kind of a terrible gift for YOU guys.

What happens next is totally his fault and if you'd like to complain you can reach him through Santa.

I did pass my art exam with an excellent mark but that was making stuff with my hands and because I'm a blagger at heart. So I drew you a tree, cause I think I'm pretty awesome at trees.

And the next blog, well, that is alllll his fault for getting me drunk and then giving me a pen and egging me on with comments such as "hey that's a great drawing of a cartoon girl....what do-ya mean it's supposed to be a house...".
Don't worry this will be a one time only affliction.Maybe.

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