Monday, 10 January 2011

It's another MORON Monday

Gee I'm so glad to be back at work, my morning was filled by two complaining customers, two customers who were clearly deranged. One was complaining about having to re-pay postage costs for an item that he hadn't bothered to collect from his post office the first time we sent it and the other wasn't happy with how "shiny" his DvD box was. Morons I tells ya, morons. I would LOVE to go into more detail but legally can't. This did remind me of a case of the "shinies" I had in my old job, which for legal reasons (there being none) I CAN share with you - enjoy;

So (I like to think) I'm a nice person and generally I try to be helpful and polite to my customers but sometimes you get that odd crazy shopper who you would like nothing better to do than to bury under an avalanche of books.
Today I had one of those people,

Her:I want a book on wizards
Me: For children, factual, historical...?
Her:He's 12
*I pass book on wizards*
Her:No I want something better about a fiction book *passes book on wizard adventures*
Her:*started randomly picking books up based on if they have glitter on the cover*
Me:This is the first in the series it's about a wizard school and their adventures, it's also book one in the series
Her:How about this one (she has picked up book 5 in the series which is..oh yes you guessed it...covered in glitter)
Me: Well that's book five in the series
Her: So does he need to read book one first
Me: *tactfully* Well he might enjoy it more if he does (i go to serve someone else)
Her:I've decided to buy this.....(a book on dragons o_0)....."oh and I'll have this too it'll be perfect" *she grabs the first original wizard book i showed her*
(at this point I honestly am suspecting she has some tune similar to the magic roundabout playing in her head instead of listening to me)
..we get to the till..
Me: would you like a bag?
Her: no thanks I'm fine
I ring the sale up etc hand her the books....
Her: don't you have a bag you can put them in?

*me - trying not to rip my hair out and thinking my suspicions of the magic roundabout song are probably correct! places the books in a bag*

Me:Bye, have a nice day!
- she probably thinks i said i like her skirt or something.
If this happens again I think I'll switch to French mid conversation and let them make their own conclusions.


  1. I had a friend that worked in a bookstore and he said everyday he'd have one or two of customers looking for a book "about this size and red" or some veriation of that. Crazy.

  2. Yeah we'd have people saying "I'm after that which book, them: you know, that book, you know the one"