Sunday, 9 January 2011

Movie madness or "my house is trying to kill me"

When channel surfing today I came across "The House Next Door" on the horror channel. The horror channel isn't somewhere I normally hangout since I'm a big fat wuss but this film had me glued.
It was the worst film I have EVER seen and I've sat through 'Sideways' and I own 'Tender Loving Care'.
The sheriff from 'a town called eureka' and some girl with a trout pout live in a house. Some slightly hunky architect builds a "dream" home next door and all the people who move into the house turn evil or end up having "accidents" and unexplainable deaths.
Now we tuned into the film about halfway through and I just HAD to watch. The film had so many plot holes, the end was nonsense and made the eureka trout pout couple look like child snatchers, which I don't think was the idea.
By far the worst (and best) part of the film was the actual filming. This cameraman was clearly after some achievement as it was one wonky (does wonky = spooky) camera angle after another followed by crash zooms. It had D and I howling with laughter.
My theory (and by far better than the films theory) to why the house was so evil was the fact none of it's windows matched, wouldn't you be evil if you looked so muddled?
I'd still say it's worth a watch though, the head-tilting to keep the shots level alone made for hilarious viewing.

We then watched 'I love philip morris' which I adored. Along the lines of catch me if you can it's about a con-man and how deviously clever he truly was. And then we rounded our movie marathon off with a midnight viewing of 'Family man.' Which, as usual made me get all broody and has me considering this haircut when I go to the hairdressers next week;

I figure it can't go any worse than what I already have, and I'm sure I'll love it for at least 24 hours after I get it done, while it still looks "salon-y."
And so ends my movie & gameathon before work at 6am. I think I've finally removed all the lazy from my system and I'm now ready to go back to work, or at least as ready as I'll ever be.

Oh and to top it off after watching the house next door and how the house tries to kill you D was discussing with me how he wants to move house and how this place has so many design flaws, I told him to just be happy and accept the house for what it is. Half an hour later D fell down the full flight of stairs...yeah I think he made the house mad.


  1. Maybe the house was punishing him for being a pillow snatcher.

    Totally agree with you on the house next door movie. About half way through we started making up lines for the characters and speaking in really bad foreign accents. That made it a little better.

    I love Philip Morris? Hadn't heard of that one ... we'll add that one to our list of movies to watch. Thanks!

  2. I think it's been banned in America it's about a gay couple and well we can see why they might have banned it. It was good though, worth a watch.

  3. That damn Chuckweasel made me watch "The Ring" Friday night... even though I told him it scared the bejeezus out of me and made me sleep with all the kitchen knives the first time I saw it. It's like he WANTS to get stabbed!

  4. haha D's little sisters watched the ring with D when they were 13/14 I - sensibly sat upstairs. About 30mins into the movie his little sisters were in my bedroom with me (clearly spooked) so I took them to the park - we still haven't seen the ring. But I was a big brave girl and watched the Grudge and it didn't scare me at all - which could be because it was mostly in japanese