Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cooking and me

I find the hard part about cooking, is the cleaning up that comes afterwards.
If I could trade that off on say...D...I'd cook a lot more from scratch, bake more bread, and cakes and cookies too.
I have maintained my "new years rubbish" and have made more at home and ordered out less.
Still time, tiredness and t..being lazy, hampers my plans of grandeur.
Yes, I do make most of our meals and some of our treats from scratch, but there are some days, okay weeks, OKAY months when the memory of the giant piles of dishes once I complete this recipe entitled "1000 pots to wash" has me reaching for the take out menu.
That, and the fact that their Sweet and Sour chicken tastes better than mine.


  1. I HATE cleaning up but I like to cook. Chinese food is best cooked by the Chinese. Fact.

  2. If only I had a dishwasher, but then I'd have to load and unload it and ugh. A cleaning robot then. Or children to force to wash-up.
    Chinese is only nice by the Chinese they must have a secret ingredient or magic cooking pot of yumminess.

  3. I make a damn good stir fry, but everything else that's at all "ethnic" I leave to the professionals -- the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Indians, the hippies...

  4. I can make great Mexican food, but then I used to be a chef in a Mexican restaurant lol The hippes, so you don't make your own "funny brownies?"

  5. I can't make Chinese food. Not to mention that you need like 9000 ingredients that are specialty and can't be used for anything but the exact same Chinese dish. I do make a lot of our dinners at home, but I tend to make the same things over and over, even with a website chock full of "things I want to try." :) And I have been lobbying for a kitchen assistant for years to do the cleaning up - no dice so far.

  6. I agree totally Nicole I end up "substituting" from other things in my 5 star anise like cinnamon? I sure hope so cause that's what I've been using.....hmmm maybe that's why my Chinese food sucks