Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mind, Body and Soul

Working full-time from home has greatly affected my "free-time," mainly because I never truly leave my workplace at the end of the day. Now I usually "poo-poo" some of the "spiritual stuff" but all the same I've decided to set aside three hours a week, for my Mind, Body and Soul.
Mind - Learn something new, or devote an hour to reading. Body - devote an hour to working out (zumba) and Soul - spend some time just drawing, writing, painting, playing music or just sitting outside and enjoying the space.
The main reason for my MBS quest is to find some me-time. It's far to easy to disappear into "work-mode" and not just enjoy the fact that I'm self-employed, and therefore can have some freer time.

So, my first aim in the "Soul category is to complete this painting;

This is supposed to be a picture of sunflowers (when I'm done) so far only the centre of the flower is completed, that's the trouble with oil paints, you have to layer them...or so I'm told. Which is why the leaves have no depth or shaping.
Now understand I have almost zero artistic talent...but you already knew that from my previous drawings...but I want to spend a few hours creating something for no practical use, just for fun.
This painting is also from my "spag-bol" period, if you can see the marks where I accidentally splashed the canvas with my tea one night. When I'm famous that will make it worth millions...if I remember to sign it.

(A few people have been having trouble leaving comments, I've smacked blogger around the room a bit and it's now allowing all comments again...I below and see if it's working or if I need to pound on blogger some more)


  1. is it weird that I kinda dig that painting the way it is... it's like, existential in a Chef Boyardee sort of way... And this is why you just say no, kids!

  2. This is a routine I could not follow, since my soul has obviously been co-opted by demons, my body is refusing to even speak to me, and my mind left looooooong ago.
    But we knew this, yes?
    That being said, I like the painting.

  3. How do you like working from home? I might be doing that in a couple months. I'm afraid. Very afraid.

  4. I know what you mean I'd quite like to leave the flower petals blank...but then I think that's maybe not going to look sun flowery. I will be leaving the background that blue colour I like how plain it looks
    I don't know if I can save my leeann...but I can try
    It's great, if you are a motivated person, everyone had days when they can't be bothered though. Just make sure you still do plenty out of the home so you don't become a nomad lol. That said it is lovely working from home, sitting outside or working 6am-3pm or 3pm-3am lol there is so much more freedom but there are difficult issues, like I never "switch off" but that might just be because I'm running a business, I think if I did freelance work from home I'd switch off in between contracts.