Monday, 23 May 2011


A conversation I had with D's best friend, post rapture;

Grice: Ok, so about this 'The world's gonna end thing'... when exactly was it supposed to be again?
Me: Just before Doctor Who came on, I did dash upstairs to check that D was still there and hadn't been raptured, but then halfway up the stairs realised there wouldn't be much point checking...
Grice: If they were to take him and not me, I'd be mightily annoyed. But then, if they were to take me, I'd bne asking some serious questions of the selection process.
Me: I am still waiting for the giant cosmic joke where the rapture happens today, like a haha you got the date wrong "rapture NOW!" (I imagine that to be a bit like "Pokemon GO!" and everyone who was being stupid and laughing at the rapture...ahem...would have failed the big test.....oh yes....karma.
Grice: Well I wouldn't mind that so much as it will happen AFTER the end of the football season. Small comforts and all that.
Me: I'm pretty sure the rapture melts footballs
Grice: Dammit!

Ya'll better post so I know you survived....or is it just Grice, D and I left??? Cool, no lines at the movie theatre

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  1. still here, so get me an extra-large popcorn on your way in. But don't distract me, I'm playing along with the trivia questions on the previews.