Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Me want!

I was browsing Ebay over the weekend, trying to find a leather bound journal.
For a long time I've wanted to start a "family history" book of the dead to be passed down through the generations to preserve the knowledge and memories of those who have gone before us. I have finally found the perfect book.

If you want to check this baby out, you can do so Here
So what if it's nearly £200 (ouch) with this book I can finally pretend to be in Charmed. (Please note you only need to click that link if you've been living under a rock for the past 15 years)
It's probably never going to be affordable and I'll have to find a cheaper, smaller tome for our memories, but creating a book to be passed down through the generations has made my 100 by 100 list. Sure I might need to also add, 'Practise handwriting legibly' and 'learn calligraphy' to the list if it's ever going to look as impressive as I imagine, but passing something like this down is important to me.
I don't want my future children (if they ever decide they do want to be born) to not have a tangible part of their past, and I also don't want to forget those who passed before us, they were an integral part of who we are now.


  1. dammit. Now I want that book, too, but I would be too afraid to write in for fear I'd screw it up! This is the same reason all my cool family tree charts remain blank...

  2. Yeah I'm concerned about that, but I'm draft and re-drafting.
    The book actually has 1200 pages so I've got the price down to have a 600 page book, I figure that's about 500 people who need to die before a new book is needed. The 'pocolypse will probably have happened by then.

  3. I started a book for thoughts and lyrics and poetry in college. It was really cool. And then I gave it to a guy over night so he could write in a poem or two. And he did it in BLUE.Ball.Point.Ink. I gave him a nice freaking pen! He just didn't use it!

    And every time I see that book, I think of him. And how he ruined it because boys can't follow directions.

  4. What a nice idea! Excellent way to preserve the past - horrible handwriting or not. :)