Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I'm a growned-up

I'm all grown up today.
I have viewed some empty shop units....yes I want my own shop...and nothing made me feel quite as grown up as it did to be enquiring about rates, laws, insurance etc. I mean what child EVER went shopping - literally.
(one shop unit has a built-in SAFE - I think I slightly appeared less grown-up chanting - that is so AWESOME to the realtor). I conducted market research...which reminded me of being in school on a fieldtrip, and then I felt even more grown-up writing my first ever cheque and if that wasn't enough...I also applied for my driving out roads I'll be manoeuvring badly round you soon!

The last time I attempted driving my dad took me down a country road six years ago... I nearly drove us into a ditch by my positioning, and all those years of video games served me badly when the car didn't respond to my twitch of the wheel and while my dad was laughing at me telling me I have to turn it more than that. Damn you ridge racer!

I'm very excited about shoppage, it's an expensive move which will require a business development loan to cover a bit of extra stock and the shelving but it's a step I really want to long as it's the best financial option. Really feel that I need to drive first though.
Grown-up view aside....
It's so pretty, and big, and light and airy and just how I imagined my shop would be and it's great and awesome and I can see myself there. And I want it.


  1. YOU GO GIRL! You're so brave and cool! AAAAAAND a little bit growed up, but just a little! : )

  2. Congratulations! Scary. And awesome.

  3. Yeah just got to do some calculations and see if it's a good idea...just wanting it to be doesn't make it so LOL

  4. So awesome! Good luck with it all!