Monday, 16 May 2011

Cat vs Mouse

So those of you who are faint hearted really should look away, this is my cat with a mouse.

Things to remember:
  • We started filming because she was originally sleeping with it tucked in her tail.
  • Our filming disturbed her (she's a camera hog) and made her remember the mouse.
  • She's really dumb.
  • The grey mark on the mouse is just where she'd licked it's fur, it's not hurt.
  • The episode ended twenty minutes later mouse 1 cat 0.
  • It's better with the sound on.

    We fished it out of the back of the dryer...eventually...and then it outsmarted Kitalpha in the garden and escaped to the vast grey freedom of our shed.
    It's fine.

    1. the end is the best part -- "No, not in the house!" and what must that poor mouse think of the whole experience? "It grabbed me... then it LICKED me... but it didn't EAT me..."

    2. :) I know and the poor thing had us trying to catch it and chasing it around and the stupid cat couldn't even REMEMBER what she had come inside for

    3. When Oli was a kitten Poco brought a mouse in from the garage to show him how to hunt. When she realized I was going to take it she grabbed it again - and I grabbed her and took her out to the front yard. I shook her until she dropped it. The mouse was completely stunned by the fact that it was okay - he didn't walk off for a couple minutes.

    4. The ons she catches have this brilliant "I'm dead" act that really does make her back off...however they just don't stay in that for twenty minutes then toddle off, they just get her to forget they exist...then move in the corner of her peripheral vision.