Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dream snacking

Last night I dreamt I was in a queue for the best looking cake ever, when D's alarm clock went off and woke me just as I was finally getting a slice of the cake.
I woke up screaming NOO! and clutching desperately for the tail end of my dream.
Here is my artistic rendering of the awesome cake;

It. looked. wonderful.

D mocked me with comments like "I can't believe you dreamt you were queueing...that's so boring.."
I showed him though. I went out at 8:30am to a little bakery two miles away and I brought myself this;

It's no chocolate meringue cake...well at least not yet it isn't...and did I mention..they are all MINE


  1. I had a similar dream about pizza once. Consequently later in the day I was standing in from of the pizza place doors, nose to the glass, waiting for them to open.
    And they made me Windex the doors, too. But I got extra mushrooms.

  2. I don't ever remember my dreams, but I would stand in line for any of those!

  3. That cake looks good! The dream drawing and the real cake!

  4. I completely get that feeling, the bakery lady didn't seem as enthusiastic as I was about making a Chocolate cake, meringue combination
    all I seem to do now is dream laughingmom, long complicated, bizzare, dessert-filled dreams.
    It was tasty dream cake, and pretty good real cake too

  5. dessert filled dreams are good. :) Those look tasty!

  6. I think I'm getting a little...food obsessed