Thursday, 19 May 2011

WTF Britney

If you haven't seen it already...if you have, spare yourself the agony.

Here is a list of why her advert makes me want to rip my face off;

  • WTF did you go in a fortune parlour if you didn't want your fortune told
  • What do you think you're doing with those jewelled curtains...auditioning as a sex shop girl..oh yes you are
  • What does 'radiance' have to do with choosing your own destiny?
  • Why is there such a long pause between her asking the question and you responding
  • Again, what does 'radiance' have to do with CHOOSING YOUR OWN DESTINY!?!
  • At the end did you forget you fragrance wasn't called 'choose your own destiny'...cause it sure seems like you did.

    Stupid annoying plastic woman! This advert is driving me crazy and it's on at least five times a night, if it doesn't stop soon my TV is going to get to know the toolbox hammer, very, very well

    1. also, "radiance" is a word dealing with LIGHT, which last I checked, was not a SMELL. "Bert, could you put on the lamp? It sure smells dark in here." SOOOOOOOOOO dumb.

    2. haha, i could get it if they were spinning that it will make you glow, but then so will plutonium

    3. She's so doped-up on her mental pills, she doesn't even know what she's doing. Seriously, she's just a puppet and her handlers know she can just babble shit and the public will eat it up. They don't even try now to make sense.