Friday, 13 May 2011

Zumba, schmumba

This is the SECOND time in the past two week's that I've turned up for Zumba, and waited for 30 minutes before finding's not on.
Seriously, can you not like call us, or put a sign up or SOMETHING, gees.

So tonight I walked home past the corner shop

Screw the salad I bought before Zumba, that's going in the trash, and then i'm going to eat all the chocolate at. once. without taking a breath, and then that'll show her!

I've also taken the time to do a little on-line shopping for the Zumba game for the Xbox Kinect, so HA! Zumba lady, you'll have my money and disappointment no longer. (Well okay, a little longer while I wait for the game to arrive, but then, NO MORE!)

I will be avenged, no one but D makes me eat chocolate bar after chocolate bar as a way of supplementing my rage towards my MIL...wait...what was I saying...right, Zumba, schmumba.

@*@SuGaR cOmA@*@


  1. That'll show HER.

  2. Yeah...although it could be part of her plan to get me uber fat so I'm forced to attend even MORE classes

  3. I notice those Prawn crackers were 2 for 1... WHERE IS THE OTHER BAG?