Monday, 1 August 2011

True Story

Guess what happened to me on Saturday....

Only with more jumping and screaming....

So clearly I'm traumatized or at least that was what the last slice of cheesecake I ate told me....wha? TRAUMATIZED. What I thought only happened in movies (and at the start of 'Eastwick') actually happened to me, and to D who was sat next to me....but who cares about that. He's a boy and I'm a squeamish shrieking girl. 
I was hopping and jumping while bashing ants off my legs and then proceeded to pretty much strip naked in the middle of the theme park......D stopped me from ripping my trousers off and then chased me down and dragged me away from the peddle-boat lake I attempted jumping into.

All bets are off now, I officially now HATE ants. And I have my suspicions that Captain Black has sent his evil army to get me...


  1. I am allergic to the bites of black ants. But wait! You say black ants don't bite? Well, they bite me. It's like they know. And they chew and chew and chew. I have a bite on the bottom of my foot right now from going out to fill the bird feeder this weekend. The Boy would say none of this would happen if I wore shoes...

  2. Even if you wore shoes they'd use their tools to get you anyway

  3. I have had black ants bite me. I haven't had them chew on me, though.

    And if I'd been swarmed by ants, I'd have been in the pond, no question. Probably sans pants in the bargain. And knowing my luck, I'd have had Granny Panties on and it would show up on YouTube. :)

  4. Two gold stars for D's quick thinking!

    Just be careful of crickets ... they are the evil cousins to black ants. Just saying!

  5. I have crickets in the garden but my feline army deals with them - no problem :)