Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Shrimp Girl kicks the ass of any room, every time.

I had a mad tidy up today to make my workspace look like I've never done a moment's work in it before. My desk turned into a display, my bookshelves had all the books pointing upwards and all facing in the same direction, it was a freaking miracle!
My office was so.....tidy.
Never has it been that way before, and I'm sure it never will be again so it's pretty good that I'll obtain some photographic evidence that it once was. Maybe I can thrust it into the faces of everyone who comes to visit as I chant the words "See, bits of my house were tidy once."

The photographer was really nice, I seemed far more coherent today so it's a shame he wasn't writing my story and only taking my photo.
The first photo I had done was the hilarious "stood by a bookshelf while balancing my laptop in one hand, pretending to type with the other hand while smiling at the camera...." yeah...totally natural....
He did mention that I need to keep my eyes open since I was "starting to look slightly Asian" to which I replied "I know what you mean, I've seen that in some of our holiday photos, but I refer to it as my 'ORC face' so at least you're being flattering about it."

ORC FACE - Where you are caught eyes scrunched up, mid blink, and like you just crawled out of a swamp., or possibly recently auditioned as Gollum...

The final photo was my favourite, it had me leaning back against the bookcases in the corner of the room with my arms folded and legs crossed really relaxed looking and me beaming at the camera.... Well that's how it looked in the tiny window of his digital camera.. not sure what the life-size version will look like.
When D came home from work he was desperate to see the photos - which of course I don't have I led him upstairs into the office, stood him back...and then adopted the same pose as before and smiled. I figure it can't be too far off the original.

The article should be out next Thursday - eep and my PRECIOUS photo will be in it... hopefully I don't come off as el crazy weirdo and more confident business woman... but I have a feeling the crazy in me is going to win that one...

Buy my books DAMMIT!


  1. There are no authorized photos of me taken since 1997. That was the time they all started to look like an albino Shrek.
    I maintain it's not vanity, but fear of lawsuits.

  2. My mum used to try avoid photo's so much I actually have a picture of her from when I was eight where as I took it, she tried to dodge the camera and fell off the path into the road - it's awesome.

  3. I truly dislike digital photography. I always look okay on that tiny screen but then when the picture is downloaded I look like I do in real life (but not like I do in the mirror) and it all goes to hell.

  4. Psssst, Holly ... where are you! How am I supposed to get my daily dose of humornosity [yes, it's a real word ... or a word I really made up, whatever] if you're hiding?

    Oh wait ... maybe you've been swallowed up by "the room."

    If we don't hear from you in the next 24 hours, then we'll be forced to ship you loads and loads of chocolate to rebuild your strength so you can brake free! Or call the neighbors and ask if they've seen you lately. And really, you don't want your readers calling your neighbors, do you?