Thursday, 11 August 2011

You're never too old to....

Today is my birthday - woot - and for the first time ever it's raining in August - I mean -WTH? So we're off to the seaside to go crabbing, eat some seafood and go on a boat ride as planned....but apparently all in the falling rain - woot?

So last night I baked myself a cake ('cause seriously, who else is gonna?) But since I'm a little "troubled" when it comes to baking I had a little bit of help from Barbie and Dr.Oetker, cause we're friends ya'll.
Because it's MY cake, what I say goes which is why I made it the way I did, full of sugar and all the things momma used to hide on the top-shelf of the baking sprinkles.....mmmmn...sprinkles.

Can you tell what is it yet?
So I figured I can't go too wrong with the pre-weighed help of two professionals....

I sure hope that batter rises and fills the tin up
Uh-oh doesn't look too hopeful..

Mmmmmmn brownies
Can you believe that I freaking MADE these, they look so yummy!!
Staging area for adding weird icing to the top of my cupcakes
Yes it looks like doggy doo-doo but it really isn't, I tried dying it blue but there isn't enough dye in the work to turn that yellow icing blue. Throw on everything sugar coated in the cupboard and ta-da.......

My Princess (brownie and cupcake) castle cake!! WOOOHOOOO!
See-ya all after my sugar coma!


  1. that cake looks WONDERFUL! But does it really say "25????" My Gawd, you could be my own baby if I'd made some seriously fucked up life decisions!

    Happy birthday, my long-lost elementary school playground baby!

  2. That's too pretty to eat.
    I lie. Nothing is too pretty not to eat, especially if it's cakey.
    Happy happy birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love that your cake incorporates cupcakes, brownies, and ice cream cones!

  4. Happy Birthday, Holly! Your brownie cupcake cake is awesome!

  5. Since Hoody and I are the same age, I'm gonna say those would have to be some SERIOUS bad life decisions. I may perhaps be in denial.

    Birthday happy!

  6. Happy CuppieCake Day Holly!
    Love you!

  7. Thanks guys!
    Leeann it was too pretty to eat I had to wait until everyone had seen it before scoffing down several brownies just before bedtime.


    Aw hoody you'll be so glad you didn't make fucked up life decisions since I was a nightmare teen! I was a little angel when I was a mere babe though.

  8. Man. I miss a day and I miss an awesome cake. I love sprinkles! Hope it was happy, despite the rain.