Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Erin Brockovich through time....

We've been watching some Julia Roberts DvD's recently and have come to the realisation that Julia Roberts seems to pretty much play ONE character in every movie...let me elaborate..

Erin Brockovich explains where she got all her children from (Pretty Woman)
Erin Brockovich gets a rubbish temp PR job (America's Sweethearts)
Erin Brockovich takes up photography as a hobby (Closer)
Erin Brockovich decides to use her past to cosy up to Hugh grant...much like Liz Hurley did... (Notting Hill)
Erin Brockovich does the whole madonna thing and gets some new kids (stepmom)
Erin Brockovich goes on Holiday (Eat Pray Love)
Erin Brockovich get sick (Steel Magnolias)
Erin Brockovich gets old and dies (Fireflies in the Garden) **terrible movie don't bother watching it**

Yup, pretty sure that other than the actual Erin Brockovich movie, she keeps up the same role, with different issues to overcome.


  1. Don't forget when she was a rebellious teen in Mystic Pizza. She even says in Pretty Woman that she was a bad girl back home.

  2. I've always been pretty sure Julia Roberts exists to remind us to brush our teeth.