Monday, 15 August 2011

New Crap for Old

It never fails to amaze me what some people will buy on Ebay. I'm trying to sell some of my old stuff so I can go out and buy nice shiny new stuff. I totally get it when you sell DvD's, Games etc. on Ebay 'cause we've been buying those babies second-hand for years now. But buying a rubber ducky the length of my thumb.... for well into £20 ($40)...that's just crazy.

I know Ernie, I can't believe it either.

Clearly all this news about gold being the one of the most precious metals has been a decoy from these little yellow babies. Cha-chinga. Guess what I'm filling my bank balance and bath with.

Hang on to that, it's going to put you through college


  1. I'm always stunned by both eBay and yard sales, what-have-you -- if this crap is so crappy I don't want it, why do I believe someone else does? BUT THEY DO. Weird.

  2. H says someday he's going to make some money on Ebay selling old crap lying around the house. But I refuse to get in the box.

  3. I have been amazed by how some of my junk sells for loads and the stuff which actual has value usually goes for a pittance.

  4. I never had a rubber ducky. Apparently, I should have asked for one of those instead of a Cabbage Patch Kid.

  5. Add the word "haunted" to your description/item in ebay and watch the price double. It's actually quite funny to read the descriptions on the "haunted" items.

  6. The dollar grab bags at the yard sale go so fast. Because everyone is willing to invest a dollar in someone else's junk. Weird.

    Glad someone things your ducky is made of gold. You can buy lots of shiny new with 20 pounds.