Tuesday, 30 August 2011

They don't teach you everything at school...

I clearly need to take a class in how to use office equipment since earlier today I managed to staple my finger to a cardboard box - ouching hellsfire!
My thought process went a little something like this...

" I wonder if my finger is a little too close to the.....MOTHER OF ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH "

Ugh....probably not a good idea to now use scissors to cut my sandwich, or a pen to eat my salad... I might choke or inhale a blade or small paper clip or something...

In chateau de Holly things have gone from busy to down right crazy. I already had tonnes to do before getting a stall at two fairs this weekend...when heck I know, I seem to not be juggling with BOTH feet so I'll have a newspaper interview - which occurring post staple incident probably didn't go too well - I think I couldn't stop rambling - and then the reporter decided they want a photo of me with some books (I mean how sad is that, I'm going to look like a crazy lady clutching my books to my chest talking about how vital books are..)
And better yet, they're going to take the photos here....in my HOUSE....tomorrow.
So now it's 10pm and I still need to clean ALL the things, turn the office into a streamlined workspace and not just a messy dumping ground, and get all my work done, which I'm already half a day behind on.....simples?

I also was woken at 8am by the delivery guy a DAY EARLY blocking my ENTIRE STREET with his lorry full of my craft kits and assorted goodies. I had to crawl out and sign stuff in my dressing gown while wiping sleep from my eyes as the neighbourhood got hacked off at his lorry - so I looked damn sexy and not at all like Griselda the Witch. Then I showed off my lack of morning super powers as he passed me a giant box - which he made out to be feather light... and which I then had to drag/push into the house since it was so heavy - all while wearing my sexy sleepwear...

This has been an AWESOME day...../sarcasm


  1. Ooooh, sounds like a beautiful morning. Not.

    You had a newspaper interview? I'm so proud of you! Pffft. Rambling makes the best kind of interviews. Gives people things to think about ... lots of things to think about. :)

    I would SO come over and help clean. Only I don't do windows. Or bathrooms/washrooms/loos. Or scrub kitchen countertops. BUT I am hella good at vacuuming and sweeping (and drinking wine).

    Here's my idea ... shove everything that isn't needed immediately into the "extra" room [you know, the one you just cleaned and organized]. I am so clever, right?

    Wait, you don't sleep in a cape?

    PS - you MUST order "How to speak Zombie" for your bookstore. Absolutely hilarious book ... with sounds.

  2. I'm not sure I didn't sound a lot crazy in my interview - we'll find out on Thursday. I think I'm going to be made to sound like a hobby book enthusiast rather than talented business woman... I could do with someone to help dust, vaccuum and to sniff the air to check the house smells nice - I can pay in wine.
    OMG yes I will have to!

  3. This is why I sleep in complete make-up and fully dressed. Yes. It has nothing to do with the fact I passed out the night before that way. Not at all.

  4. Ewww...I hope your day got better! Just throw everything in closets. No one ever looks in there.

  5. hang in there, kid! Such is the price of success!