Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pretty Little Liars

I'm so mad at my cable company right now. I was bored flicking through the TV when I found the 'Pretty Little Liars' season one box-set for free viewing. I remembered seeing the advert of some girl getting words like whore carved into her forehead and figured it looked interesting so I started watching.
Now the show is clearly trying too hard to be "mysterious" and by trying too hard at times it's totally laughable, but all the same I'm, hooked I just want to know who A is and what happened all those nights ago.
So I get to the "end" of season 1 (which is episode 12).... and there was no "cliff-hanger" or reveal. So I started googling Season 2.
This is when I found out that season one actually has 24 episodes, and that my cable company has only put half the series on as "entire series 1." I'm so mad, we don't get the channel for PLL over here so the free box-set was my only chance to see it. Now I'm going to have to buy the actual box set just to see what happens - since I don't want to "read" about it.
Stupid cable company...the last time they did this I only got to watch half of series two of pushing up daisies to discover they'd only put half of the box-set on!! Lazy, stupid, *beeeeping beepers!*
And of course, now I have the theme song stuck on autoloop in my head which is driving D nuts since I keep singing the odd words I can fit to the tune...probably in the wrong order!


  1. Gah! The video is helping me understand your frustration - the last ten seconds won't buffer! But I shall find it on YouTube and I will see how it ends. I shall!

  2. I've also just found out it's not EVEN ON DVD since when don't they put tv shows on DVD?!?!?!
    On a plus I woke up this morning and epsiode 13 & 14 have been added :)