Friday, 16 September 2011


Hi everyone.
Sorry I have been slacking lately but my 'day-job' and learning to drive and the hospital stuff that I just got done with (looks like I'm okay I just need drugs and then I should be fine) is really knackering me out. Please don't lose faith - I will be back! 
Plus Amber mentioned sending me some chocolate and pissing off my I'm holding out for some results on that!
You will also be horrified to learn that in all of my busyness (Seriously I'm up at 9am and in bed at 2am since I have such a lot of work to do right now) I have also been overwhelmed with the need to COMPLETELY GUT THE HOUSE and I can't stop myself. 'The room' is about to become toast, my dining room is being completely emptied  and re-painted, the kitchen is being gutted and well.....I think I've gone crazy.
I keep trying to rein myself in and it's really not working. Everything in the house has to go. Everything. Except the stuff that costs too much to the tv....but all the ornaments except the couple I adore need to go, and excess kitchen stuff, and excess everything else.

So I've been replaced with a cleaning alien but I don't have enough time to clean and work so it's a frustrated cleaning alien.
I hope in a couple of weeks i'll have less driving lessons and a week to do my work without appointments meetings fairs etc. creeping into my schedule.

I hope you are all well, I'm keeping reading your blogs as and when i can grab ten minutes!

EDIT: and let me add, I'm so completely over the moon if-I-was-any-happier-my-heart-would-burst happy. I'm so just, calm and joyful, which after years of worrying about my test results is such a relief. I'm just taking the time to enjoy how I feel - while working lots lol


  1. Yay! I'm glad you are a happy busy because I was starting to worry!

  2. Yeah had lots of doctor appointment to be told they think I'm okay just need some pills for a bit, other than that it's working weekends at fairs, at home on the biz, in the local paper and then driving everyday lol

  3. nissed you, baby! hang in there!

  4. Glad things are going well, if too busy. :)