Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Driving update

I'll be taking my test soon...eep...I don't feel ready. I know in some countries a test involves simply driving around a car park avoiding cones an eye test and voila - tested. Here it involves following directions for 40 minutes, showing and telling them about parts of the engine, two manoeuvres (like reversing round a corner) and then another 20 minutes of being told a destination and then working out the route all by yourself.

I'm just getting over my clutch issue and I haven't learnt any manoeuvres ...yet. Yet my test date will be any time from the 10th of October to the 25th of October. Scary Biscuits.

I haven't done anything life threatening - other than trying to cut a lorry off on the roundabout once, and the odd fluttery moment. But all in all I like driving - not so much in heavily built up areas like the town centre, but I do enjoy heading to the country and I like the speed of A roads too (but shhhhh)

Hopefully I'll be good enough to pass my test soon since I really need to learn to drive, and the cash i had set aside for driving is half gone - eeep.

My next lesson is in 15 minutes so I'll dash off now! Hopefully I'll not stall much today and drive safely!


  1. Sending you positive vibes! And BTW, the only engine part I know is, "That's the engine."

  2. Wow...that's a lot more indepth than our test. We don't get asked any questions about the engine, and the driving part only takes about 10 minutes.

  3. Yeah my engine knowledge goes - hey that's the engine, you put the water in...somewhere...oh and the oil...and if it stops working...you call out a mechanic

  4. My dad is a machinist and I did ALL the work on my first car, but I still think "call a mechanic" is the best policy for pretty much everyone.