Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We've got the lergie

I have almost been able to see this bug going around our house. Gaius sneezes at mama's face, mama coughs while changing Zarek's bum, Zarek sneezes on Ayla, Ayla spits on daddy and voila, we've all been ill.
At least now (with the exception of D) we are all just snotty with bad coughs, D has only just succumbed to the bug that has been floating around bringing my 'babies-to-take-care-of' total up to 4.
Thankfully after a few nights of continually getting up to see to babies who were coughing, sneezing, crying and vomiting, order seems to have been restored.
And now that I feel better I've managed to crack on with the housework and the rooms are looking clean and clear.
As part of our money diet we've been selling off our old stuff and amazingly in just two weeks have made £200, and still going strong!
We've sold our old pc, which was just gathering dust, bags and bags of outgrown baby clothes and old toys, moses baskets and playmats. It's brilliant, the whole house is decluttering. Who knew baby clothes could take up so much space!!!!

I've only bought a handful of outfits myself, we were given bags and bags and bags of stuff, seriously my house looked like a clothing landfill, and I've used a bit and never opened some. I simply do not have enough time in the day to change my kids four or five times to get through it all. I've finally bagged it up by size, and sold it off at £1 a bag so had some pennies to add to the mortgage fund.

We're in a position now that we have made an offer, I just hope they accept it!

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