Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Daydreaming and decluttering

They accepted our offer on the house!

It's been fifteen minutes and I'm already fantasising about our first Christmas time there, baking cookies in the kitchen, sewing in the living room, making a roast dinner, making the bed in our new room. playing with the kids the the yard and looking forward to doing pretty much every chore I actually try and avoid in this house. Hmm.
I'm already determined to keep it clean and tidy, if it's not functional, used regularly, one of my few favourite things or a necessity then out the door it will be flung! I wonder just how many hours it will take into moving before I change my tune.
At present both D and I are in agreement that we will only take with us the kids stuff, and things that fit into the categories above, otherwise we will be hiring a skip and filling it with all our junk.
What a fabulous chance to downsize....except...well it's not as easy as that is it.

I want to halve my wardrobe, but when I actually stand there looking at my clothes I find it hard to part with anything. Not because I love my clothes but because they are clean and I could just wear them tomorrow!

I'm going to have to be super strict with myself, clearing out to help raise money to buy the house, coupled with spring around the corner has made me a whirling dervish of cleaning and decluttering. I just hope it's not a phase!

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