Thursday, 7 March 2013

Don't tempt me, I'm on a money diet!

We've just been accepted for a mortgage - oh happy days!
We have found a triplet-proof house in a 'guess it will do' area and we want to buy, buy, buy.
BUT, there is a catch.
We may have the deposit in our pockets but we still need to scrimp together the cumulative £1000 solicitor, surveyor and broker fees. Ouch!

So we are on a money diet! (I may not have told D this yet)
This money diet means that for one month we endeavour to not spend money, but instead to put our energies into making money. I've given us a weekly budget of £50 to live off for food and baby essentials but I'm hoping we can live off just £25 a week.

It will be a good chance to de-clutter before we move too as we have accumulated a-lot of junk!

Can we do it? I'm skeptical but willing to try, if I can just stop spying things I want to own!

Take this doormat, I keep dreaming about this doormat, (we do need a new one) but I am staying strong, after all, it's just a doormat....right? Right!

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