Friday, 8 March 2013

100 Things to Do!

A long (long, long, long) while ago I wrote (most) of my 100 things to do by 100 list.
Having been distracted by lack of sleep, mountains of nappies and buckets of breast milk - (that just gave me a really funny image) I have completely forgotten it's existence, let alone remembered to update it!
So here's a quick catch-up of what I've accomplished, along with a few new things to do!

[ ] 10. Create life.
This could be in the form of sea monkey's, I'm not fussy, although technically I'd like whatever I create to outlive me, but not in an Et-tu Brutus kind of way.

NAILED IT! Three at once too, talk about over-doing it. Considering I never believed we'd ever hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet, hearing the stampede of tiny feet is fantabulous. Yes it makes me so happy I have to use made-up words to describe it.

[ ] 12. Make a Christmas Cake from Scratch

I actually did this one, I slaved for weeks making two christmas cakes as a gift for D's grandad who loved fruitcake. He passed away the week I gave it to him (his death was not cake related, honest) so I never ended up blogging about it. I still have the second cake in a tin. It's a mere two years old so bound to be "extra" tasty.
I think this year I will endeavour to make one again from scratch and this time actually eat it. Maybe I will make it in his memory each year, that would be a nice tradition to share with our kids and we can tell them stories about him as we go.

[ ] 30. Learn to Crochet

I 'learnt' to crochet while pregnant, but since my baby blanket is a misshapen, uneven, wonky mess I think this is also something I need to do-over

I've also added a new 'thing to do'

[ ] 41. Create toys with the children

I can't wait to sit down on an evening sewing them sock monkeys, making toy fishing sets, christmas stockings, paper angels, playdough or spoon dollies. I really, really can't wait!
(Reading the back-blog about the double-yolkers makes me think that triplets were well on the cards since I fell pregnant the next month!)


Money Diet: £5/£1000 (woot we're all set to about ten years)

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