Monday, 11 March 2013

My First Mother's Day

For years I imagined how it would feel to hold my children after I'd given birth to them, but due to the usual prematurity stuff I never got to experience that. You wouldn't believe how much it bothered me, I felt like that 'becoming a mum' moment was taken from me.
Today I had that experience, no matter how many times I've held them before, having them piled on me in bed this morning gave me such joy and healed a very sore place in my heart.

On Saturday I mentioned what my ideal mother's day would be, here's what actually happened!

1) Babies woke up at 8am, so even D got a lay-in! He went down and dealt with them. Very useful since I was poorly with the flu! (Thanks to Gaius!)

2) I was shooed repeatedly back upstairs until 9:30 when he bought the babies up and piled them on the bed for cuddles.

3) I was given two new cd's of old music so we have new songs to sing at playtime, as well as a bar of chocolate, teddy and thoughtful card.

4) Then I was presented with two bacon sandwiches in bed by D, while snuggling the babies before they went down for their morning nap.

5) I finally got out of bed at 11am and laid on the sofa 'dying' while D fed and changed the babies again.

6) When the babies went down for their 1pm nap we watched avengers assemble, before turning it off (I hated it it was so boring, sorry but it was) and instead watching super8, which in true JJ tradition, had bucket loads of suspense and a rubbish climax.

7) The babies got up again at 15:15, I fed them their tea and then D shooed me upstairs for a bath while he watched the footy and entertained the babies until bedtime.

8) I actually went and cleaned the nursery, it's rare to find the time to normally since they are either sleeping in it or I have to keep an eye on them downstairs.

9) As it had started to snow, three babies were sneezing, and mama felt like she'd been kicked in the chest by a horse, we stayed home and didn't visit the park.

10) D put everyone to bed all by himself and made us some toast and tea

11) We went through our finances to try figure out how to get the cash together for our mortgage.

12) Then I commandeered D's bath and had a quick soak before bed

13) After a nights sleep of shivering, coughing and wheezing the babies woke up at 7am Monday.

Apart from the flu, it was a really, really good day. Mostly because D worked so hard to make it that way. We are very grateful that he is a part of our family!

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