Friday, 22 March 2013

New house, new house, new house

All I seem to do now is daydream, day in, day out.
I'm thinking about wall colours, new sofa's, making memories in a new house, decorating the nursery.
Sure I'm getting practical things done at the same time like washing, cooking, cleaning, playing and my actual work from my actual job too. But I seem to spend most of my time walking around with my head in the clouds.
I can be shattered at the end of a long day but as soon as my head hits the pillow, I get excited again and start planning our new move, what we'll take, what we won't and I spend hours laid in bed, daydreaming.
Considering how much I HATE moving and packing, it's strangely liberating to realise this is possibly the last time we'll ever have to pack and move again!

The idea of having our own brick and mortar home is so very exciting. A place of our own, to take care of, to cherish, to work hard to maintain it all feels so wonderful. I really believe we will work hard to make this house a happy home for our children. I've always believed that nothing free ever has value, we've rented horrendous homes infested with rats, with no heating, mould, insufficient space, leaky windows (the list really does go on) I am very excited about having our own place where we can fix any problems without waiting for a landlord to decide he can be bothered to do so.

For now we are stuck waiting for paperwork to be done so all that is left to do is daydream and wait for the future to occur, I will stop going on about the new house at some point....maybe

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