Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I've always loved the idea of upcycling and using things I already own to create new and totally awesome stuff.
I've watched many a 'make do and mend' program but it always seems to me they use as much as money, mending or improving something as they do with buying a new one...but all the same I like the general principles of re-using and recycling.

I am itching to have a new project that I can do while the babies are around, something with minimal "paint" mess, I'm not buying anything costly per our money diet, and with the new move under way I'm busy sorting out a small keep pile and a big throw pile too, coming across all kinds of things we just don't have a use for.

Once again I have the feeling that if we take the time to make things rather than just buy them or throwing money at them, we are more likely to cherish and take care of them. So far it's proving true with both myself and D (the house is still tidy) and I'm hoping we will be able to include our children in making things at a later date. I think it helps these newly made objects to have an even greater value to us too.

When we move we're hoping to replace our old tattered (pale) sofa for a new dark sofa with washable covers, hopefully more hard-wearing while the children are growing.
We want to avoid taking our old sofa with us, as we will only have to find a way to dispose of it later, when we already have a way to dispose of it now. But we have a good few weeks before we will be able to afford our new sofa. This made me start thinking about beanbags again. For a long time I've fancied owning a few beanbags for D and I to crash on while playing on the Xbox, or for the kids to "sit up" in. But they are so very expensive that I think I'm going to give making some a try!

It should help fill the 'no sofa' void, give me a simple (hopefully) project to do and allow me to recycle some old unloved fabrics too

Let the project commence!

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