Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Eat, Sleep, Love

I hope everyone on the interweb is doing well! I haven't been around much, in a somewhat vain effort to avoid posting nothing but baby related updates! All I seem to do now is dash to the loo, throw up, sleep or go for check-ups. Highly thrilling I know.
Time is accelerating away from me, I can't believe it's been 5 MONTHS that I've been lugging my bump around (it feels like 5 minutes) and I'm getting more and more nervous at the fact the babies are coming any time between now and 12 weeks *gulp* That seems so soon!
We spent so long preparing for the "worst" that now we might actually get the best I'm not entirely sure how to process it all! I don't think any of it will actually sink in until the babies are all lying in a cot in front of me, all breathing by themselves, and the hospital tells us we can go home.
Then I may have an ever so slight emotional break-down that the worry that they won't make it is over.
(I have pre-warned D that if everything is actually fine I'm more likely to lose it than if the babies need help)

D and I are getting ridiculously excited now, we've finally settled on names and think (other than a triple pram) we now have pretty much everything we need. Many thanks to the family, friends and strangers who have sent furniture, clothes, play things and more!

It's our 4th wedding anniversary today so we're off out for Thai food - something which will no doubt give me heartburn, but hey, what doesn't give me heartburn now ;)

I promise to post more, you'll be hearing from me weekly now the first danger zone has passed (babies now have a 40% chance of survival if I have them now) much better than the "you statistically might not get to 24 weeks" that the consultant said to us 12 weeks ago. I was admittedly a little afraid to post too much about them, or too neurotically about my fears in case the worst did happen - and then I wouldn't know how to move forward.
So far though, so good. Lot's of prayers and crossed fingers going around our house now.

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