Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Conversations with my 18 year old self.

Well it's me, talking to you from the future (insert cool and spooky sound effects).

Are you ready?

That guy you're seeing - the fella you decided was "the one". You're right. It'll take everyone else a bit of time to see it but you know your own mind, you have good instincts - trust them. Things may not last forever, things are not going to be easy - you're going to go through some very, very terrible times - remember it is healthier to feel pity than anger and remarkably easier to get back up than stay on the ground.

You're going to get married. You'll never feel so calm and certain about anything in your life more than on your wedding day.

Your having babies.

Really - babies - that plural in there....it's three babies - triplets even.

I know how it sounds, I would never have believed it either. You're going to go through a time when you don't think children are ever going to happen, you're going to wish you could just know everything will work out so you can stop worrying, crying and praying for a miracle.
You'll get your miracle, just when you think you can't go any further than you have or take any more pain than you have, the most amazing and unexpected thing will happen all by itself.

You'll learn the pain you went through was important - it's not going to be easy but your frame of mind is strong enough to carry you through.

You'll realise your parents do understand you, they might not always agree with your decisions but they value that you made them for yourself.

Your going to be braver and stronger than you'd ever believe possible.

Your going to feel as if you're being tested repeatedly - don't take it too personally. Everything thrown at you can be handled. You may feel like each stumbling block is insurmountable, but once you pass it, you can look back down the mountain, and the big blocks will look tiny and you'll wonder why they ever bothered you so much.

Don't sweat the small stuff - everything always turns out okay. Even those days when it feels like the world is ending - tomorrow I promise it will be better.

Trust your body - it's a remarkable healer (you'll see what I mean one week in July) and can achieve the unexpected. Be happy with it, marvel at what it can do rather than focussing on what it can't.

Have fun, don't forget the bad things - they provide perspective for the good things - but don't obsess about them either.

Don't change too much. Don't beat yourself up when you haven't done the best you could - you, like everyone else, are learning as they go along. Have fun - you're good at doing that, stay compassionate, be kind and try to listen more.

Your house will be filled with joy and laughter more often than it's filled with tears.

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