Monday, 16 July 2012

26 week triplet scan update

Had our 25/26 week scan and BOY do they treat me differently there now. Almost like a film star LOL 
Everyone wants a look at the "triplet lady" and to sit in on my appointments so my dear consultant now also treats me very well, everyone is really friendly, cheerful and pleasant and my consultant is nothing but positive - about ruddy time!!

We are doing better than he thought, I have two big babies almost singleton size and one smaller baby. He expected two small babies and one more dominant. We talked about the small baby (boy#2) and he's not overly concerned since he's a triplet and size variations do occur but we're going to keep an eye on him since it's possible his small head could be a sign of something - or it just as easily be absolutely nothing. I'm not really worried, just glad to be mentally prepared just-in-case.
I was a bit worried when the first measurement said boy#2 hadn't grown in a fortnight but re-measuring showed definite growth but he's considerably smaller than his siblings, or just has a small head.

They are supposed to be having me back in two weeks for another scan but there was no space in the appointment book so the receptionist was trying to fob us off (I wasn't going home without that appointment) out comes our consultant guns blazing, gets me booked in and will scan me himself if no one is available! BIG IMPROVEMENT on my level of care!! 


  1. Love you babe! I'm still off the grid a bit but I'm always thinking about you and les bebes!

  2. Hi, best wishes to your getting birth. Love to read more updates and thanks for sharing your inspiring blog.