Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Make me a good driver.. pleeeease!

My test is soo soon and I'm going from feeling capable to believing I'll crash.
I attempted reversing round a corner for the first time the other day and it went fine, I also did a turn in the road which, umm wasn't too great but my third attempt really was good.

Then I did them again many times can you mess up turns out the answer is many.
I hit the kerb, mounted the kerb, turned the wrong way, went too fast, went the wrong way and on and on. Now I'm getting worried that I'm only just being taught this stuff and my exam is on SATURDAY, SATURDAY d'ya hear me SATURDAY.
I'm doomed, DOOMED I tells ya. 
So you can all go return your party frocks and you may as well eat my celebration cake too, I'm probably going to fail, based on either the manoeuvre I'll mess up, or the complete flap doing the manoeuvre puts me in for the rest of my test.  

And all I can think is "this test is so expensive, you'd better pass" "you need to be able to drive already" "if you don't pass now you won't get to try again till the new year and then it'll be too late" over and over.

/ End of freak-out.


  1. Deep breath -- you've been studying and practicing like a crazy thing, you'll be fine! Besides, the cake is German Chocolate...

  2. Today I reversed okay...I hope I can pull this all off on Saturday!!!

  3. I should tell you I failed my test the first time. Damn parallel parking.

    You'll do fine! And if you don't, you can always take it again. No worries!

  4. There's nothing quite like a driving test. Well, the least you can do is practice and shake off all your jitters. I'm pretty sure you'll do great! =)