Monday, 14 November 2011

Learning to drive....again

So I had my first lesson again today. At the start my instructor (i think in an attempt to calm/sympathise with me) said that he thought I wasn't quite ready for my test, and could have done with an extra couple of weeks of practise blah-blah.
But by the end of my FLAWLESS lesson he said, actually you're just fine you made next to no mistakes today and I think it's just nerves that got you.
Talk about a U-turn opinion.

I'm probably going to re-take the test next year, I really don't like the idea of it, but it has to be done, I have been told to go to my doctor first and get something to help calm my nerves.

On lighter notes I made my first even sewing project - and forgot to share it with you! - Don't laugh, I've never made anything before ever.

He's not quite finished, but he's my first ever attempt and I love him! I've since learnt how to make a bauble (now a cat toy) and I'm currently making a hanging star for our Christmas tree!
I have been bitten by the Crafting bug!


  1. Nice! I can knit. That's the extent of my craft skills.

  2. I cannot knit nor sew well - I've promised everyone misshapen bits of felt for Christmas!

  3. I wasn't logged in yesterday so I couldn't comment. But today, I will! This is very good for a first effort. In 4-H, I would have given a first year sewer a blue ribbon.

    That's a sew-er. Not the sewer.

  4. Driving tests can make you nervous. A lot of good drivers were also nervous during their driving exam. Hehe. I think you'd do better this time. Good luck! =)