Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Jangling nerves monster vs shrimp Girl

I took my test on Saturday, and I failed. Ironically I failed for driving too close to parked cars, which is something I'd been taught to do - well up until I found out that's why I'd failed and my instructor suddenly said "ah I thought that might be a problem" It took all my self control not to turn to him and say, well YOU told me to stay close.

That aside, if they'd passed me I'd have been worried. The lesson before my exam my instructor took the opportunity to teach me BRAND NEW THINGS making me very unsure of my abilities.
As soon as I began the test I felt the nerve jangling monster reach up from it's nest in my stomach, coiling it's limbs around my heart, mouth, joints and proceeding to shake me uncontrollably from side to side.
I struggled to do even the simplest thing, finding gears was an action of the past. I even got three minors for steering, as my instructor said there is no way I can get minors for steering so obviously I was a wreck.
I drove in no gear, in the wrong gear, the whole time trembling so hard my foot kept falling off the clutch.

It was horrible.

The guy testing me though was very kind, he gave me extra tries at my questions (I was too nervous to answer properly) He knew I was nervous and several times told me, just put it behind you and don't let it affect the rest of your test.
Every time we did anything though he was write,write,writing away in his little book which put me in a state of paranoia
scribble, scribble *oh god what did i do wrong then* scribble scribble *god what did I do then i thought that was okay scribble scribble *why is he still writing!*

To not write my own abilities off completely - I did ACE my manoeuvre (at this point I'd gotten a sod-it attitude and just whacked the car back) and my independent driving (where they tell you a  location and you follow the signs there)  went fine, because I could drive alone and with no pressure.

When the test ended I waited for the examiner to leave then burst into tears, not because I failed but because I'd been so nervous and scared for an entire week, I'd not been eating or sleeping properly and it was the relief of tension that it was over. I'm really not looking forward to trying again though.


  1. Springing brand new "lessons" on one at the very time of the exam seems... how to be nice about this?.... not fucking kosher! Bad, bad driving instructor! Needs a whap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.
    But now you've had practice doing it "their way." You'll ace it next.

  2. I hope so, I've had lots of people horrified that I learn to parallel park 10 minutes before my test began. d is angry I was put off so much by it and a lot of people have told me to find a new instructor. I was a mess of nerves though, looking at my scores if I stop driving too close to parked cars, and calm down not to get any steering minors. I'd have passed. Errors, trembles and all.

  3. How can you be driving too close to parked cars unless you are actually hitting the parked cars? I find that to be weird.

    Anyways, GOOD JOB for trying and getting through. The next time you'll have half as many nerves, twice as much experience and you'll sail right through.

  4. I hope you're right angie. I have to say the following day i thought, hang on him saying "if the wing mirror wasn't in you'd have hit it" doesn't really constitute me hitting it, obviously because it was in I drove closer.
    To pass I have to leave a car door length between me and any cars I pass....hmmm - completely NOT what i was taught

  5. I'm sorry you failed, but I think a lot of people fail the first time.

    Next time you won't be nervous because you'll know what to expect.

  6. I hope you are right, because every time i think back over the test i get just as nervous

  7. I failed my driver's test the first time, when I was 17. Afterward, I looked over at the white-faced examiner who said, "Did you happen to notice the speed limit signs?" Um, no. Apparently 55 only saves lives on the highway, not in a residential neighborhood.
    I failed out of my motorcycle licensing class thing the first time, too. And I was 40.
    Both were successfully passed the second time around.
    Good luck!

  8. I failed my first driving test. I stepped on the brake, released the parking brake, checked the mirrors, shifted into gear, stepped on the accelerator -- and the car didn't move. I sat there confused for a second before the examiner suggested that I might want to try turning the ignition key. Things just went downhill from there.