Thursday, 27 October 2011

My empire. Please note, empire may currently be plague ridden and tissue covered.

I'm still dying but while I burn all the plague ridden items in my house, I thought I'd share with you the pics from my new store. Get ready because it's pretty.
Please note all the work you see here, apart from assembling the desk, was done by me. that means there were no employees, no designers (that part is probably obvious) and no unpackers.

 I'll start with the before pic, since it's always the best way to start, and then show you my stall (or at least how it was last week before I sold a bunch of stuff

We sold out of the paper lazers in the first day, high-five!

 D sold Spongebob, HUZZAH! I was so sick of staring at his stupid little feet dangling over my bookcase for the last twelve months, the question is, do I restock him?

That pumpkin design was created by me *cough* D *cough* on the computer and then I stapled it onto the hanging pumpkin :D

That's my little empire, or the start of it anyway, I need some flooring and a few extra shelves, but it really does look good, bright cheerful and eye-catching, just the way a children's book,toy and craft stall should! We were very impressed by the enthusiasm over our stall last week and hope that it might continue (and we might earn some more money) it's been a risky venture but with a bit of hard-work and good luck it might just succeed.

Now if you would like to hear my actual voice as I was interviewed live on the radio at the stall, go Here! Fast forward to 1:14:45 and you'll hear my five-minute interview.
My MIL heard me on the radio and bought me some flowers since I'm 'famous now' which was really great of her and made my day, well until I got home to D, his giant bear hug and massive bouquet of white lillies and a slab of chocolate fudge cake. He knows me so well.
Well I shall be back again on Monday, with hopefully some funny halloween-on-the-stall pictures and stories.


  1. It looks GREAT! Congratulations!

  2. Pretty! I would go in, and I don't have any kids to buy for.

  3. :) at least you didn't say "but" lots of people have been saying but!!
    I'm hoping to get a bigger stall and adult books too - maybe soon!!!