Monday, 3 October 2011

I could teach those Witches a thing or two.

Sometimes, and I know some of you may find it shocking.....stop laughing.... I can be a right cow.
Here is my confession, because I feel terrible.

D and I are in 'yo-we-sell-all-that-stuff-you-need' shop and D has commented on purchasing a DVD. I am browsing said DVD stack and find a nice Jane Austen-y tale about her life or not getting married or something, and it seems like a nice fictional bio and we were going to buy it, until we realised it was slightly out of our budget (since I'd just made D already buy me 'The Witches' on DVD - he has never seen it, seriously, never.)
So I'm pulling my puppy dog eyes at him and explaining just how necessary it is to my existence that we buy this DVD, (he wasn't falling for it, apparently I can only pull that off once a day and as I already have the Witches sat in my shopping bag...)
I finally decided just to read the back so I could see if I really did want it and maybe get it off Ebay or something...when the till right next to me opened up. D instantly decided we had to use it and started shoving me towards the checkout while berating me for being slow.
Well I (not surprisingly) don't take well to being corralled by ANYONE let alone my ruddy husband (sorry D) who has decided we are suddenly on some - get out of the shop in the next 60 seconds or we'll die - mad dash.
About twenty seconds later fed up of D's whinging, feeling very annoyed and having finished reading the cover, I start to put the DVD back.....

This dear old lady appears next to me and asks "Are you in the Queue?" to which I reply "Yes, apparently."
She gave me a slightly confused/mildly offended/slightly injured look and joined another queue.

Now I said "Yes, apparently" more to D than her, I'd meant yes apparently I am in the queue even if I didn't know I was until HE started shoving me.... but how I think it came across was me saying she was stupid for not realising that I was obviously in the queue. That is completely NOT what I meant.

I didn't realise this for a few moments and when I realised just how rude I had potentially been, no matter how unintentional I was horrified - and even more annoyed at D - and myself. This poor lady had asked an innocent question and any other time I would have simply explained and invited her to go first but I had accidentally treated her abysmally.

Once we paid I was so mortified I desperately wanted to go over and apologise but she was at the back of a queue and D was rushing me out, and I felt embarrassed and ashamed and annoyed that I'd allowed a petty issue with me and D spill over onto someone else.

On our journey home, in silence while I mentally beat myself for being so horrible, D apologised (sort-of he's not very good at it so we'll accept the effort) for rushing me, explaining he thought we were ready and then he felt we should hurry as a till opened up blah-blah.
But I feel terrible about it, I try to be kind and considerate of everyone and today I just didn't think. There is not a lot I can do about it now other than hope the lady understood it wasn't personal.
So that's my weekend low, now I'm off to watch the Witches and perhaps I'll teach them a thing or two.


  1. don't get to call yourself a right cow for doing something unintentional and feeling bad about it for an hour. Because that would make me a cow, too. I hate when things like that happen!

  2. As do I, I figure maybe the woman could see I was having a bad day and just thought she'd back off rather than me insulting her - but who knows?! Best behaviour next time I'm in there though!

  3. My husband does that crap all of the time. We have all day when he is looking at something, but when I hold us up for 2 minutes he gets all pushy! haha